The Dangers of Penny auctions

The concept of penny auction is a fascinating at least. Chance to win a $500 item as a TV of $0.07 is strong temptation to make people bid and bid and bid and perhaps a few hundred times more trying to win these big ticket of bid items. Of course this cause a frenzy of penny bids unfold as you have religiously remained it glued to your computer screen and watch as well as the last second, prepares to check off the coast so that you can claim your prize thenbam! You got out just to bid by some user named “bidandwin”. But you know that you have more bids to remember battle with “bidandwin” until you come away the Victor!

You are all excited and you can’t wait to pay for your winning bid which was only $27.12 for this set of HDTV, you’ve been pining over. You pay your Bill over the shipping and handling and in 2 weeks, you have your set TV proudly displayed in the right room? Well, think of this: you won this item and you can or has not been bidding against a real person. You can have actually spent $ 127.12 which is always a good deal, but how many other real people lost money trying to win the point? It is something to think about words and important to understand the risks associated with this gameauction potentially dangerous.

Not all penny auction sites are dangerous or scams, but addictive action gets the attention of the less reputable developers. My advice therefore is to be cautious and only buy the bids that you can afford to lose and walk without concern. Now don’t you wrong, I love a good auction but penny auctions are not my cup of tea, there is too much bad press around them and I don’t know who I can trust or not. I hate losing bids, so I just don’t bid a place where I could lose my money. When penny auctions have so much appeal, it will be difficult for the operator sites that use auto bid bots keep outbid you so that you continue to bid and lose money to the police. Yet again, I am not accuse any one site, but when I developed a unique system of auction I’ve tested most of the sites, but now there is so much, I can’t follow them. I felt strange things when using these sites and look at the names of the clock, counters and user associated to other bidders.

It is difficult to find a sale trustworthy penny auction. I also believe that if you want to pay to play at an online auction site, then you must be assured that “no tender not is wasted” and you can win in the end something or why if you continue to throw money by the window? It is difficult to find a sales site to trusted penny auction, but there are some out there. Our site is not a penny auction site, but it is a site where you can purchase bids, earn and obtain good business – but if you win you can bid again with coupon offers until one WINS. Happy bidding and here to make you much, but if you do not, try to ensure that you do not lose your bids!

Richard Hull
Head of the auction

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