Earn a Penny auction – Guide to strategy online 6 great ways to win

Free bids # 1
Take advantage of the use of free bids. As a hundred city sites offer free pre-registration bids.

Size # 2 – up contest
You’re more likely to win when you competition size-up. Winning is easier when there are fewer people competing. Observe what are bidding on the most and least. For example, often people bid on luxury, so there is less competition for Wal-Mart gift card then a Sony plasma TV. Also, quite often there is less competition around breakfast time when people are more willing to work or school.

# 3 Spread it around
No single method will necessarily help you to win all the time. Finally, more people will discover easier time in the day of submission and easier to win elements, then try different articles and at different times. The methods you use, you’re more likely to win. For example, many people may decide to bid on items cheaper, since they assume that everyone will be bid on luxury items. So if everyone starts to go gift cards, it might be time to bid on your digital camera!

Bid # 4 near the end
Unlucky folks sometimes think they will win, but when the clock is on the verge of getting zero, someone from another law bids instead of this. Bid as close as possible when the clock gets to zero and beat the competition! It is like football when the game goes into overtime: team is 4 points, but the underdog scores a touchdown from nowhere in the final seconds to win!

# 5 Bid when you are in the 3rd person
When there are only 2 left people bidding on an auction, come from nowhere and surprise by bidding at the last minute. Sometimes they are so stressed that they give, you win.

# 6 Always remember to use the Sites to “safely”.
Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a free site of risk. These sites have a policy that even if you win the sale auctions you entered, you can always buy the item at the regular price, it would be in a store. Money that you already bid auction account to the part of it and you pay only what is left.

One of the best sites for “safe” is OneCentCity.com, [http://onecentcity.com/] because they use a guaranteed, without political risk ® and (2) auction sales are easier to win that most because fewer people know their subject matter, since they are new… so act fast while the riches are yours for the taking!


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